Your skis will be prepared in 5 high-precision steps by MONTANA

We use the automatic base resolver P-TEXT MASTER this unit enables a positive resoling of the base damage and offers high capacities for both skis and snowboards.

Next, the base surface and edges are leveled in order to create the basis for an optimal edge angle. Subsequently, the base is structured so that it glides optimally according to the snow conditions.

With the MONTANA structure system, a wide range of structures can be created: from simple linear structures through to complex, computer-controlled Vario structures for racing ski preparation in the World Cup series. The MONTANA stone grinding system stands out with its absolutely fiber-free grinding of the base.

The side edges are precisely ground over the entire length at a precisely defined angle (87°, 88° or 89°).

The specially developed ceramic belts are run over the unique ceramic slide plate at a precisely defined angle – the result for the side edges:

  • an exact angle from the ski tip to tail
  • Exceptional surface
  • Long sharpness retention
  • Material-friendly grinding
  • Highly economical

With the unique MONTANA High-Tech Tuning (HTT) system, the steel edges on the base side are tuned in a lightly hanging form at an angle of approx. 0.5°- 0.8° and finely polished. The ridge which is created during the grinding of the side edges is thereby removed.

The specially developed tuning stones are set at a precisely defined angle with the dressing tool – the result for the edges:

  • an exact angle from the ski tip to tail
  • Highly polished edges
  • Long sharpness retention
  • Material-friendly grinding
  • Highly economical

In the unique RADIAL TUNING process, the edges are hung at approx. 0.5° in the bindings area and 0.8° at the tip/tail areas – without affecting the already optimally prepared base. The highly polished edges also further improve the gliding characteristics.

The customer receives a ski that is ready for the slopes.

More MONTANA technological innovations are available for manual waxing and polishing.


The MONTANA CRYSTAL GLIDE FINISH guarantees exceptional quality in ski and snowboard servicing. The minimum requirement for the award of the quality label is the use of both a MONTANA stone grinding unit and a MONTANA tuning machine.

3-phase promise: Base – edges – tuning – hot wax and buff

Through the use of MONTANA technology in all three phases, MONTANA guarantees optimally prepared winter sports equipment with impressive handling characteristics. The interaction of all three phases is of particular importance.

A ski or board is only optimally prepared when the service procedures in all work processes, from base preparation to edge grinding and right through to tuning, are of consistently high quality and exacting precision.

Creates a fiber-free, completely smooth and structured base surface.

Provides side edges which are precisely ground at an exactly defined angle (87°, 88° or 89°) along the entire length.

Ensures absolutely smooth base side edges tuned at an angle of around 0.5° – 0.8° using Radial Tuning.

MONTANA technological innovations are available for manual waxing and polishing


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