We Use THE BEST Machinery Of The Industry

HTT Dual System

The unique Montana HTT-Tuning System polishes the base edge. The burrs which have been produced during the grinding of the side edge will be removed.

The specially developed grinding stones will be shaped in an exact angle, the result for the edge is: tuning by hand is not necessary, the customer gets a ski or board , excellent surface quality Long-lasting sharpness of the edge

Defined base edge angle over the entire length of the ski with RADIAL TUNING High-polish result. Long-lasting sharpness of the

MCS 2000 grinder

The compact MONTANA MCS functions with the same technology as the edge grinding robots: fully ceramic plate and ceramic grinding belts. It grinds ski and snowboard side edges at adjustable edge angles and is fully mobile. 

Montana PTEX master

The MONTANA P-TEXMASTER repairs the bases of skis and snowboards in one procedure and without templates. With low material usage, it achieves an optimal resoling result and thereby allows fast base repairs of the best quality

Montana Infrared waxing machine

Montana Wax Future has just been installed at Auski! Using Infrared technology, this World Cup tested wax machine is for snowboards, alpine and cross country skis, and offers the highest level of Racing-quality waxing results.
After the wax has been applied, the Wax Future penetrates the wax deeper into the base due to the infrared radiation – for perfect gliding properties over a long distance thanks to the increased wax absorption..

CSB 2000 stone grinder

The MONTANA CRYSTAL CSB2000 for the preparation of skis and snowboards can be programmed like a robot and can grind an almost endless number of structures, which can be conveniently saved on a memory card. That is why the CSB2000 is used by various World Cup racing teams. The machines stand out thanks to their particularly easy operation

Montana extruder

The MONTANA MONTY EXTRUDER is the ideal basic unit for repairing damage to polyethylene bases. Thanks to a nozzle width of 40 mm, half-width coating is possible. The wide pre-heating zone guarantees optimal hold of the repair material. In addition, the repair wire is automatically transported. 

The SC350 - R40

The SC350 – R40 Acewax hot ski and snowboard waxing machine complete of the brush – stands out by its easiness and quickness
of execution. Its features make this waxer essential for both workshops and rentals.
Equipped with a powered resistance (2500w) adjustable by the new temperature controller and a fan which heat up the new waxing
drum. Because of its unique characteristics, performance and very competitive price the SC350 is aimed at the medium to high
a quality sector of the winter sports market.


With the unique MONTANA High-Tech Tuning (HTT) system, the steel edges on the base side are tuned in a lightly hanging form at an angle of approx. 0.5°- 0.8° and finely polished.

The specially developed tuning stones are set at a precisely defined angle with the dressing tool.

The contact pressure can be varied in 10 segments to allow particularly even tuning. Reducing the pressure (e.g. in the bindings area) has proved to be worthwhile.

Radial Tuning

With this special process, the skis are more strongly tuned in the wider areas, i.e. at the tips and tails, so that the edges hang more noticeably.

In the bindings area, the edges are ground to be less hanging. In this way, the edge angle varies over the entire length of the ski, but is optimally aligned with the width of the ski. Through Radial Tuning, the skis and snowboards are noticeably easier to turn and the edge grip under the bindings is improved considerably. The skier/boarder can interrupt a started curve at high speed without the worry of falling.


Side edge preparation is carried out with high-tech ceramic belts for even removal of material and an extremely fine finish. The ceramic gliding plate follows the ergonomics of the ski and adapts exactly to every radius. The special pressure curve ensures a precise edge angle over the entire ski or board length.


The pressure curve is also important inside edge preparation. It enables a particularly material-friendly preparation from the ski tip to ski tail, which is especially important for carving skis.

Due to the pressure curve, exceptional grinding with minimal grooving is possible with simultaneous consideration of the ski geometry.

With the new finish system from MONTANA, the side edges receive the perfect racing finish. high-speed discs, which work with a rotational speed of up to 16,000 rpm, ensure an even grinding pattern.

The burr-free finish can be produced with an angle adjustment in 0.5° steps. The functional areas of the ski are thereby optimized.

Through programmable closure time points and electronically controlled pressure curves for precisely defined grinding pressure at the point of grinding, the geometry of the different types of skis is also taken into account. The absolutely burr-free and polished side edges delight all winter sports enthusiasts who have the highest demands.



With this new development, the amount of material removed can be controlled even more finely in accordance with the geometry of the ski. Due to the extremely precise pressure curve, excellent structuring results are produced during the grinding process, as the contact pressure on the bases is individually regulated through the stone from above.

This technology is only available from MONTANA.

With the PRO technology, the harmonious movement of the grinding stone follows the contour of the ski shape during the grinding process: the ski slides over the stone in the same way as it slides over the snow when skiing.

Grinding of the ski tips and tails is also possible. For rockers, MONTANA recommends the new PRO stone grinding technology.